One of my latest pictures!

In Risposta al prompt di di scrittura del Daily Post: “A Moment in Time”.

Tramonto_Alpe Paglio 2015
Tramonto_Alpe Paglio 2015

This shot me recently at the last holiday made near Alpe Paglio with my friends for the last year. It is the sunset of a way that we did and two of my friends as we watched the scenery. I wanted to share this because for me it is the memory of a beautiful and new experience. This holiday was different from the others, because we rented and self-managed shelter for 4 days. It all started in October, when me and my friends we’ve come up with this idea! We worked for months and we organized everything in detail (from dinner to music) so that was a nice New Year’s party for 70 people. It ‘was hard, but the end result was excellent! We received compliments from everyone and see that the party is successful, it was for all of us a great joy. That’s what’s behind my simple photo: satisfaction, joy and desire to start the new year in the best way! I take this opportunity, although a bit ‘late, to wish a happy new year to all of you !! And I hope you have had a good start of the year! If you want, you can tell me about your experiences 😉

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